Saturday, 3 May 2014

Safranbolu - a look at the Turkey of yesterday

In the Black Sea Region of Turkey, North of Ankara (the bustling capital), lies Safranbolu.  The world heritage town is famous for it's traditional Ottoman architecture, has some interesting local cuisine and somewhat magically takes you back in time, which is wonderfully refreshing in a country that is modernising at an alarming rate. 

A bit of Turkish language comprehension will come in handy and it's not the sort of place you'll find a happening bar with beers and cocktails.  Sitting on a corner with a cup of tea in hand, watching elderly men negotiate their age-old cobbled route down to the mosque, here you don't get pamphlets with tourist activities on offer.  It's all about getting lost on the streets, absorbing the atmosphere and embracing the way a place that initially feels so frighteningly foreign, can start to feel like home in no time at all. 

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