Saturday, 3 May 2014

Hotel Villa Monte

I've written before about Çıralı.  It's one of those places where if you stay long enough there's a good chance you'll never leave.  Luckily you won't find any big hotels or resorts here.  Even though there seems to be quite a bit of development on the go, it is all in line with the general ethos of the place - staying as natural as possible, not overpowering the environment.   

Hotel Villa Monte is incredibly popular and for good reason.  The owners and staff make you like part of the family.  They honestly would do anything for their guests and are very proud of everything they do and the amazing place they've created.  Özen, the head-chef, gardener and chief bag-carrier has a genuine talent in the kitchen and in front of the barbecue.  The amazing thing is that it not only is the number 1 place to stay in Çıralı, it's the number 1 place to eat as well.  Breakfasts here are an occasion and poles apart from anything else you're likely to encounter in Turkey.  The dinners though, are where Özen really expresses himself.  Mezes packed with flavour, soothing soups, rich stews, delicious barbecued meat and fish, some complex and interesting vegetarian dishes and desserts that seal the deal.


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