Sunday, 4 May 2014

Ceylan Cafeterya - the Queen of Gözleme

The number of restaurants on the main street leading into Çirali is a little overwhelming.  The apparently essential indoor fireplaces of all of these establishments are very similar but the quality of food varies greatly. 

A Gözleme is a pastry (slightly pancake-like) dish that is filled with meat, cheese, spinach or potato.  They're a great, cheap snack, perfect for a lunchtime refuel.  You find them all over Turkey; tourist-friendly with a bit of added showmanship.  Normally made-to-order, with the dough being rolled out, filled and then cooked over a big, hot dome.  Ceylan's 'grandmother goose', for want of a better title, is ranked number 1 in the world (in my opinion).  Her Gözleme's are fantastic and she even does a few sweet options with chocolate, honey and banana or combinations thereof.  You can obviously also get the standard Turkish fare like kebabs or meatballs but for something different ask to see what home-cooked local dishes they have. 

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