Thursday, 14 May 2015

The (most) Royal Botanical Gardens

With around 4000 plant species from around Sri Lanka and the tropical world, these gardens, that are located just west of Kandy City, are a floral masterpiece. Walking through different sections of the 147 acre grounds there is a tangible transition of both mood and character.  You encounter areas that are elegant and highly organised, others that are untamed and overgrown, a few haunting bits with bats and winding, tortured roots that seem to come alive when you look away, and many that give off such a peaceful energy it's very difficult not to find a spot on the grass for a snooze.

I'll let the orchids, pictured below, speak for themselves.

The Giant Bamboo of Burma

Where's Wally?

The old giant Javan fig tree

The local bat hangout

The avenue of palms

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