Friday, 8 May 2015

Colombo's theatre of life

Colombo, Sri Lanka's clammy commercial capital, might have heavy traffic (infected with a good few daredevil tuk-tuks) and a modern metropolitan feel, but more than anything it understands the importance of community.   The family connection is strong which provides the foundation for a functioning society and prosperous country.  With a history of powerful Kings, European colonialists, civil war and some very dodgy politics, the population now finds themselves in an environment of relative calm with (potentially) very good things on the horizon.

A few days in Colombo was a great way to start in Sri Lanka.  Watching people enjoying time in their public spaces was a privilege and a joy.  No matter what your age or what your game, you're guaranteed to have a good time.  Galle Face Green is a massive strip of struggling, well-trodden grass on the coast. Surrounded by 5 star hotels and busy streets, this is the spot to see and be seen.  It's the place to play cricket or soccer, fly a kite, blow bubbles, have a picnic, go for a walk, to show off your new mobile phone and inevitably to watch the day's glorious conclusion as sky and ocean melt and then fade into darkness.

An evening stroll at the Viharamahadevi Park

Fun and games in the Viharamahadevi Park
Slave Island - just south of Colombo's Fort area, named in colonial times for fairly obvious reasons
The Gangaramaya Temple - a hugely important Buddhist site in the heart of the city


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