Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get

Sometimes, even when you simultaneously take on a few of your favourite things, you're not guaranteed to have the experience you were expecting. This, for a sensitive soul like myself, can be terribly upsetting. Especially on a night like tonight.

Let me simplify what happened; in a fairly particular order:

1. An IPA (that usually hits the spot).
2. A steak (from a trusted supplier) cooked rare, covered in my BEST blue cheese and vodka sauce.
3. A big South African Malbec.

Surely, with this sort of arrangement, there should be happiness, smiles and a little hopscotch, or at least some sort of energetic dance, but no, this was not the case. Flat beer, more gristle than you should ever have to stab a knife at and a flat, diluted and only slightly fruity wine. Poor to say the least; but that's way too much negativity.

Life is exactly like a box of chocolates. When you get the good one, enjoy it for what is, because your next is not guaranteed.

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