Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Roasted duck legs with orange and garam masala

This is a really easy recipe that brings out the best in a few ingredients that work really well together.

  1. a few duck legs (depending on who you're feeding)
  2. a handful of oranges
  3. some garam masala
  4. a little bit of duck fat
  5. salt and pepper
  • pat the duck skins dry, then score and rub well with salt
  • leave the duck to rest for around an hour at room temperature
  • get the oven heated to 160 C
  • put a little duck fat into a smallish casserole dish, skin side up, then pop in the duck legs (they should just fit)
  • turn the oven down to 140 C and put the duck in
  • juice around 5 oranges and add to a pan
  • zest 2 of these oranges and put the zest into fresh water
  • with around an hour of the duck's cooking time to go, put the orange juice into a pan and bring to a simmer, this needs to be stirred and basically moved around throughout
  • turn the heat down and allow to reduce by half (adding a little black pepper)
  • with around 20 minutes of the cooking time to go, add zest (that you've taken out of the water) to the juice and sprinkle a little garam masala over each duck leg
  • serve each duck leg smothered with a generous spoon of orange sauce

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