Monday, 22 December 2014

Local is lekker - Dublin, Ireland

The latest from Dublin:

Yamamori, in Great St Georges Street, is one of the few Dublin restaurants that have maintained their standards over the years. I've never been disappointed with the food, service or ambience.

There are mainly Japanese dishes with an extensive Sushi menu. It has a funky, vibrant and friendly atmosphere that is cool without being pretentious. A great spot for a dinner for 2 or for a big get together with mates.

I always go for the vegetable tempura to start and then hit the Bento Box, which gives a great variety of smaller dishes to keep the palate on it's toes. If I'm extra peckish some norimaki and sashimi will also find it's way to my table and this will be satisfyingly washed down with a Japanese craft beer or 3.

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