Sunday, 23 November 2014

Local is lekker - Kiev, Ukraine

I have recently recruited a team of undercover (restaurant) agents around the world. They are in tune with the word on the street, giving us up to date reviews and information.

Here's the latest from my Kiev correspondent:

Cocoa Blues (Kakao Bluz), Grigorenka St, 22

A cosy place to meet friends and it's also the perfect venue for a business conversation. I love it for it's wonderful atmosphere and also for their hot cocoa drinks. It has a good kitchen.

There is a European menu with Japanese cuisine also available. Delicious desserts and teas. The best Cake "Napoleon" that I have ever tried in a restaurant. Only my grandmother can do it better. Easy and relaxed atmosphere. The place lends itself to casual conversation with interiors that are styled in strict elegance. Live canaries and funny rabbits were seen there.

Flower café (Kvіtkove kafe), Shota Rustaveli St, 21

The atmosphere of the café is imbued with romanticism, cinnamon, coffee and sweets. The staff is very attentive and polite. There are fish tanks and funny decorations throughout.

An extremely romantic place in the central part of the city, with just 4 tables, the place is perfect for a date or for a quiet girl's night out.

The Tiramisu here is out of this world.

Solomyanska Brewery (Solomyanska Browarnya), Solomyanska Square

The best beer I have ever tasted. A large selection of fresh beer brewed in-house; from light beer to dark Stout.

A great place for jolly company with spacious rooms and large tables. Their food is delicious.

Kidev Boryspil Road 8th km after KP, 5 minutes from the Boryspil airport.

A very nice restaurant located just 10 km from the city, on the road from the airport (Borispol) to Kyiv, it has excellent cuisine. Suitable for families, birthday celebrations etc.. Especially recommended to visit in the summer, as the restaurant has a large green area and summer houses directly in the pine forest. The restaurant has a hotel with lower prices than in Kiev. Our partners love to stay here on business trips.

Excellent Ukrainian and Georgian cuisine in a peaceful rural setting.

I especially like Georgian dish Khinkaly in this restaurant; it's as good as what you get in Georgia.  If, however, you are visiting the Ukraine for the first time I would rather recommend one of our national dishes, like borshch (beet soup, served with wheat buns. Caution: buns with garlic).

Crimea (krym), in the middle of Kiev, Lane Taras Shevchenko, 1 or “MaidanNezalezhnosti” Square, near the McDonalds.

Tatars are the indigenous people of Crimea and this restaurant is famous for this particular cuisine.  The cosy cabins are in the national Tatar style. There is a very relaxed atmosphere where guests can be found reclining on shelves with pillows. They also have delicious food and the highlights for me are the pasties with meat or cheese and also Sarma (grape leaves stuffed with meat).

Ukraine is famous for it's sweets and these are a must.


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