Saturday, 23 August 2014

Stealth Delheim visit

Delheim was the first ever wine estate I had the pleasure of visiting.  This was quite a long time ago and I remember running around like a little hooligan.  That's probably because at that stage I was a little hooligan.  With the passing of time and the associated wisdom that is (hopefully) inevitable, I decided that, on my recent visit to the estate, I needed a well executed covert operation.  You never know, they may well have had a 'wanted' picture of me in reception.  I negotiated my way through the vineyards and into the tasting room and quietly went about my business.  What I can tell you, if you can keep a secret, is that their Gewurztraminer and Pinotage, as well as a few other things, are very good. 

Delheim has wine pairings with cakes and pancakes, and have evenings that involve cheese fondues and jazz.  Worth a visit I would say.  Where else can you have your cake and a glass of wine too.    


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