Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Die Stal

Montagu is a dorpie small town on South Africa's 'Route 62'.  It's famous for mountains, mineral springs, dried fruit and a bit of wine and it has some great places to get a bite to eat.  One of these is 'Die Stal', which you'll find on Kruis Farm, 10km outside of town, on the R318.  It serves up wholesome farm-style food with an air of elegance.  My chicken schnitzel and seriously creamy cheese, mushroom and bacon sauce was done just right.  Even Goldilocks would have been happy.   

Fish balls, garlicky prawns and a fresh salad

5* Chicken schnitzel 

They gave me their Baked Cheesecake recipe.

  1. 1 packet 200g Marie biscuits
  2. 125ml butter, melted
  3. 250ml cream
  4. 250ml sugar
  5. 2 tins condensed milk
  6. 3 tubs smooth cottage cheese
  7. 200ml lemon juice
  • for the crust, mix the biscuits and butter and press firmly into the base of your cake tin
  • for the cake mix, whisk the sugar and cream until stiff
  • add the condensed milk and cottage cheese and beat
  • mix the lemon juice in well
  • put the mix on the base and bake at 180 C for 20 min and then allow to cool
  • enjoy

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