Sunday, 30 June 2013

Is wine good for you?

I recently stumbled upon a copy of a Wynboer (Wine Farming) magazine from 1979 which provided some fascinating reading. It was an issue specifically looking at Wine and Health, with numerous articles on the subject.

'Wine is the best medicine', a book published by a medical practitioner named Dr Maury, talks about the tremendously high success rates he's achieved through medicating his patients with high quality wine. 

Illness French Daily dosage
Allergies Medoc 1 glass
Diarrhoea Young Beaujolais 4 glasses
Fever Dry Champagne 1 bottle
Gout Sancerre or Pouilly-Fume 4 glasses
Menopause St. Emilion 4 glasses
Nervous depression Medoc Red 4 glasses
Weight loss Cote de Beaune 4 glasses
Weakness of the liver Dry Champagne 4 glasses

I find the Gout treatment regime of particular interest.

The work of an American researcher named Bogen, from 1933, equating levels of blood alcohol to behaviour is summarised in the table below:

Alcohol per 100ml blood Behaviour
0.03mg dull and dignified
0.05mg dashing and debonair
0.10mg dangerous and devilish
0.3mg disgusting and disorientated
0.4mg delirious and dishevelled
0.5mg drunk
0.6mg dead drunk
0.7mg dead 

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