Monday, 16 July 2012

Summerhill Chenin

Chenin Blanc has come out of the shadows and assumed it's rightful place as one of the most respected and celebrated white varietals.  South African chenin's are some of the best in the world and with a diverse terroir and some innovative wine making practices we are starting to see a wide range of product on the shelves. 

The tiny 15 hectare estate of Summerhill, between Stellenbosch and Paarl, in South Africa's most well known wine region, is making some wonderful Chenin.  They only produce 800 cases a year and the resulting wine is easy drinking, good value and lovely with food.

Charles Hunting (Mr Summerhill) has given me a recipe that he feels will work well with his Chenin.

Braai Bread  

  1. Hot English mustard
  2. Wholegrain mustard
  3. 1 onion
  4. a pack of white mushrooms
  5. a pack of Mozzarella
  6. a pack of streaky bacon
  7. hard crust loaf of bread
  8. 3 rump steaks
  • fry up steaks, bacon, mushrooms and onions
  • hollow out the bread
  • allow the meat to cool
  • fill the bread with one a half steaks (eat the other half)
  • smear both mustards over the steak, then add bacon

  • layer Mozzarella on top, then the fried mushrooms and onions

  • add the other steak, squish some mustard on top and then a final layer of cheese before putting the cut out bread lid back on top
  • cover with baking paper and then close tightly in tinfoil
  • put a weight on top, like a heavy granite board

  • leave for about 4 hours
  • slice and enjoy with a glass of Chenin

Recipe and Photo's courtesy of Charles Hunting

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